misty and twisty

misty morning

May 7th, 2013

Day 13

I love mist, it is so mystical.  Maybe since I don’t know what is on the other side of it, room is left for imagination.  Whatever it is , it makes me feel a certain way.  I feel this as I break down my camp in the misty morning.  I get a nice early start and make it into Alabama before noon.

Alabama is by far the most beautiful state I’ve been to up until now.  My stupid brand new GoPro Hero 3 camera stops working for the nth time on this trip so I miss out on beautiful, windy, hilly, back roads interrupted by streams, rivers, lakes and the occasional small farm.  That is alright, I don’t need to take pictures and videos of everything.  It is nice to just enjoy this scenery in the moment while it is here every now and then.

georgia back roads

Unfortunately I’m desperate for some human contact and race through this wonderful state in order to get to my friend’s house by sunset.  When I finally arrive there after getting lost several times not having GPS, I am greeted warmly by the whole family.  I once again find myself in the lap of luxury with a shower, warm food, a roof and more importantly nice people to be with.  I spend a relaxed evening sharing stories and beginning to get to know the family I will be spending the next five days with.