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I can’t tell if preparing is harder than traveling itself, but it’s hard work either way. It’s fun hard work. It is work with purpose; to manifest travel. And travel serves its purpose; to grow, improve, reach a higher level, evolve.  This makes the work bearable, enjoyable, meaningful and more importantly, gets it done.
So the reason preparations are fun is because they are purposeful.

I’ve spent the last 2 and a half years preparing for this trip and sometimes it seems a bizarre concept to me when I think about the time, money and effort that has gone into it.  Besides the obvious purpose of being able to do the trip, preparations themselves can be beautiful.  Every table I served at the restaurant brought me one step closer to fulfilling my dream.  It made me love my job even more knowing that it was for a reason.  I didn’t see my job as a necessity to survive but a privilege to thrive.

Having a time limit and departure date also gave me a sense of urgency which ended up making me appreciate things more.  I minded less staying more hours and coming in extra days knowing in the back of my head that these days were limited.  I appreciated time with friends and family much more.  I appreciated the roads I drove up and down each day, going to the post office, the bank, a friend’s house, a park.  I appreciated sitting long hours on my computer doing the necessary research to be properly prepared for a trip of this kind.

Building for the sake of building is worthwhile.


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